Cheap flights to Guatemala
May 21, 2018

The best time to buy tick­ets to Latin Amer­ica is eighty days be­fore the trip. The tick­ets are the most rea­son­ably-priced as the cost is prop­erly cal­cu­lated, based on the de­mand.

The ul­ti­mate bar­gain would be a red-eye flight on Wednes­day, at 1 am (lo­cal time). The mid­dle-of-the-week flights are gen­er­ally cheaper as there are not much pas­sen­gers trav­el­ling.

If you haven’t set a date, search for tick­ets with a range of three to five days be­fore and af­ter the as­sumed one. You’ll def­i­nitely get lucky if you sub­scribe to price alerts. The web page will up­date you on the best rates for a des­ti­na­tion of your choice. The most ef­fi­cient op­tion would be to log in to the web­site: all your pref­er­ences and search his­tory will be saved and taken into ac­count.

Be sure to look over the con­di­tions to find out if the fare in­cludes bag and lug­gage fees. In case it does­n’t, visit the air­line’s web­site and check out if you can pur­chase those ser­vices. Avoid pay­ing bag­gage fees at the air­port - you will waste a ton of money.

Make cer­tain you’ve cho­sen cor­rect dates: low-cost car­ri­ers usu­ally sell non-re­fund­able cheap tick­ets.

If case you get your­self into a con­nect­ing flight sit­u­a­tion, dou­ble check if you are on time for catch­ing the next plane. Al­ways keep in mind there could be de­lays, which could lead to you be­ing late. Choose wisely when buy­ing the con­nect­ing flight ticket; the best strat­egy would be buy­ing tick­ets sep­a­rately, care­fully cal­cu­lat­ing the time be­tween flights.

Last but not least: don’t for­get about the visa. Al­ways pre­pare for the trip with ap­ply­ing for a visa to the coun­try of your des­ti­na­tion, oth­er­wise you ef­forts will be use­less.