Prices in Nicaragua
July 20, 2018


Ex­change rate: 1$ = 31,2 C$ (cór­doba)


start­ing from $650 - a round-trip from New York to Man­agua


$160 USA tran­sit visa

$43 EU tran­sit visa

$0 Mex­i­can tran­sit e-visa

$36 Mex­i­can tran­sit visa

$5 Nicaragua en­ter fee


**FOOD **

C$139 Lunch with drinks at a cafe in the city cen­tre

C$169 Fast food Combo Menu

C$74 Chicken breasts, 1lbs

C$29 Milk, car­ton

C$62 Chicken eggs, 12 psc

C$40 Toma­toes, 2 lbs

C$58 Goat cheese, 1 lbs

C$154 Ap­ples, 2 lbs

C$48 Pota­toes, 2 lbs

C$305 Fine red wine, bot­tle

C$36 Coca Cola, 0.5 gal

C$16 Bread


C$5 942 4-star ho­tel in the city cen­tre, per night

C$1 876 3-star ho­tel near the air­port, per night

C$312 Hos­tel, per night

C$338 Laun­dry, 1 load


C$30 Gaso­line, 0.26 gal

C$60 Hire cab 6.4 mi


C$1,277 Jeans (Levis 501)

C$525 Dress (Zara, H&M)

C$2,401 Sneak­ers (Nike, Adi­das)


C$84 Cold med­i­cine (Tylenol, Col­drex)

C$80 An­tibi­otics, 12 tbl

C$592 Visit to doc­tor’s of­fice, 15 mins

C$20 Tam­pons, 32 pcs (Tam­pax, O.b.)

C$51 De­odor­ant

C$70 Sham­poo

C$50 Toi­let pa­per, 4 pcs

C$44 Tooth­paste

C$100 Men’s hair­cut

C$300 Hair Dye­ing

C$285 Cin­ema, 2 tick­ets

C$850 The­atre, 2 tick­ets

C$100 Cock­tail at a bar in the city cen­tre

C$58 Cup of cof­fee in the city cen­tre

C$34 Glass of beer, 1 lb

C$12,947 iPad Wi-Fi 128GB

C$47 Marl­boro, 1 pack

C$531 Mo­vis­tar Mo­bile Plan: 2Gb of In­ter­net + Face­book and What­sapp free of charge, calls are charged sep­a­rately, per month