Medical student
Health&Help believes anybody can make this world a better place, even if there is not much experience or a yet completed degree. That’s why we are always eager to welcome medical students to our mentoring program. Health&Help’s medical students are not afraid to take responsibility on, finding the strength to provide medical attention 24/7. Your actions and professionalism affect our patients’ loyalty to the clinic and course of treatment. Their well-being is in your hands.
Basic requirements
Participation fee
Program duration
short period (2-4 weeks)
Delivering humanitarian help in personal baggage
Language skills
There are several languages being used at the clinic
Additional skills
Driving a car
Driving a motorcycle
Taking photos/recording video*
with professional equipment
Hot meals*
3 times/day
Place to stay in shared house*
2-3 people in a room
Program include
Purchasing food and household supplies for clinic volunteers
Escorting patients to a hospital
Emergency calls
Home visits
Night shift
Humanitarian help
Our volunteers are expected to deliver 15 kilograms of hu­man­i­tar­ian help (med­ical sup­plies and drugs):
Medical equipment*
the list will be given by H&H
will be given by H&H, baggage expenses are covered by volunteer
the list will be given by H&H
will be given by H&H, baggage expenses are covered by volunteer
Medical supplies*
the list will be given by H&H
will be given by H&H, baggage expenses are covered by volunteer

Health&Help takes med­ical care to an­other level: we do what­ever we can to change the qual­ity of lives for those be­yond the poverty line. Proper health­care as­sis­tance re­sults in our pa­tients be­com­ing more pos­i­tive, show­ing hope and a con­stant smiles on their faces.

Health&Help be­lieves any­body can make this world a bet­ter place, even if there is not much ex­pe­ri­ence or a yet com­pleted de­gree. That’s why we are al­ways ea­ger to wel­come med­ical stu­dents to our men­tor­ing pro­gram.

Health&Help’s med­ical stu­dents are not afraid to take re­spon­si­bil­ity on, find­ing the strength to pro­vide med­ical at­ten­tion 24/​​7. Your ac­tions and pro­fes­sion­al­ism af­fect our pa­tients’ loy­alty to the clinic and course of treat­ment. Their well-be­ing is in your hands.

Per­sonal qual­i­ties

  • Ini­tia­tive. Striv­ing to im­prove busi­ness processes;
  • Self-learn­ing. Able to find the nec­es­sary in­for­ma­tion and ac­quire new skills along with main­tain­ing pro­fes­sion­al­ism;
  • Adapt­able. Able to feel com­fort­able and con­fi­dent in var­i­ous sit­u­a­tions, with new peo­ple and in un­usual life and work con­di­tions;
  • Diplo­matic, kind, in­tel­li­gent. Able to deal with all team mem­bers and the lo­cal com­mu­nity, solve and pre­vent con­flicts. Have re­spect for other po­si­tions and opin­ions, dif­fer­ent from their own;
  • Well-or­ga­nized, re­spon­si­ble, punc­tual and dili­gent;
  • Able to per­form work in a high-qual­ity and timely man­ner, as well as ready to make com­plex de­ci­sions;
  • **Lead­er­ship skills. ** Able to guide and in­spire the team in or­der to achieve com­mon goals and ob­jec­tives;
  • Loyal, calm and en­durant. Tol­er­ant at­ti­tude to­wards peo­ple of other race, na­tion­al­ity, re­li­gion, sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion, po­lit­i­cal views, etc.
  • Em­pathic and re­spon­sive. With a car­ing at­ti­tude, as well as a will­ing­ness to help in a dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion;
  • Will­ing to main­tain a healthy lifestyle as an ex­am­ple for the lo­cal com­mu­nity and other vol­un­teers.

**The re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of the role in­clude: **

  • Pa­tients’ ex­am­i­na­tions on-site and in field, as­sist­ing doc­tors dur­ing con­sul­ta­tions (gen­eral prac­tice, gy­nae­col­ogy, ob­stet­rics, pe­di­atrics, en­docrinol­ogy, der­ma­tol­ogy, oto­laryn­gol­ogy in­fec­tious dis­eases);
  • Es­cort­ing pa­tients to their houses and mak­ing home vis­its;
  • Per­form­ing nec­es­sary pro­ce­dures, such as in­jec­tions, vac­ci­na­tions, CPR, su­ture, in­grown nails’ re­moval, ab­scess drainage;
  • Car­ry­ing out tests, such as preg­nancy, blood sugar, he­mo­glo­bin, STDs, HIV, Type A and B He­pati­tis;
  • Read­ing vi­tals by us­ing EKG, doppler, spirom­e­try;
  • Pre­scrib­ing drugs and pur­chas­ing med­ical sup­plies;
  • Han­dling med­i­cine and med­ical in­stru­ments (ac­count­ing, ster­il­iz­ing, do­na­tion man­age­ment);
  • Triag­ing pa­tients, pro­vid­ing pre-ex­am­i­na­tion as­sis­tance if needed;
  • Keep­ing the pa­pers in or­der;
  • Be­ing a fa­cil­i­ta­tor be­tween the vol­un­teers and lo­cal com­mu­ni­ties, dis­solv­ing prob­lems and neu­tral­iz­ing con­flicts;
  • Prepar­ing and giv­ing ed­u­ca­tional lec­tures on pub­lic health­care among lo­cal cit­i­zens, both chil­dren and adults, putting up to­gether hand­out ma­te­ri­als, col­lat­er­als, posters;
  • Work­ing on in­fec­tious and other dis­eases pre­ven­tion meth­ods by ed­u­cat­ing lo­cal com­mu­ni­ties.

**We of­fer: **

  • A place to stay and hot meals to eat free of charge;
  • A let­ter of rec­om­men­da­tion upon re­quest;
  • A friendly team, full of pro­fes­sion­als;
  • An op­por­tu­nity to de­velop your skills and find out more about your­self and other peo­ple and cul­tures;
  • End­less love and grat­i­tude from all the lo­cals, fel­low vol­un­teers and all over the world;

Be­ing a part of Health&Help team is an ex­cep­tional ex­pe­ri­ence, which gives you the op­por­tu­nity to make this world a bet­ter place at this ex­act mo­ment. Don’t wait an­other day , ap­ply now!